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I bought a card reader so I could transfer my images to the computer more quickly, but when I try to copy the files to my hard drive about one in every ten of the images comes up with the error message "Cannot copy [file], the parameters are incorrect".

I thought that my camera might be the culprit, but when I use the camera's software to transfer the images everything goes perfectly, so the files themselves appear not to be corrupted.

It's not the card reader either, because I used it on another computer and it worked fine.

Can someone please help me :scratchhead:
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I might be way off but here's what I would do. Open a command prompt and cd to the directory where the card reader is installed. Look for the exe and type the name of it, space and /?
That will list the parameters and it might tell you what the default is. Then, you can try to copy the file using different parameters.

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