PLEASE can someone help me!

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I dropped water (not much) on my laptop, and I didn't turn it off like I've read now but I left it upside down on a pillow to dry and tapped the back to get the water out. Now it won't turn on.

I have my A-level coursework deadlines in two days I desperately need all my documents off my laptop.

What can I do, I know nothing about how to fix this

(Please explain in simple terms, I'm no expert)
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So it won't turn on at all? Meaning no power?

Or.... is it powering on but no display?

Do you hear fans running?

Is there some sort of noise like a clicking when you press the power button?
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I seriously doubt you'll get it working in time (if at all) without a repair shop working on it.

Given your deadline for your coursework, I would look into something like this at a local computer retailer and use it with a working PC to retrieve your files (hoping of course your hard drive wasn't damaged as well.). The water probably short circuited your motherboard, power supply or maybe everything. Hard to tell.

I just checked. Best Buy has this one available for only $40. Take your hard drive to Best Buy with you and get the Geek Squad there to make sure it fits and perhaps test it out for you.

The Best Buy item

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