My powersupply just took its last breath

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POP! Snap! Arching sounds!

Yes thats the famous sound of my powmax 400w pushing up the daisys.

What great timing for my computer to take a dive into the deep end.
(yes everything got fried and i am talking to you through my old friend the i mac '98')

I am going to buy a new system with the new asus A8N-SLI Delux

I have been waiting for this product to come out for a very long time now. Now i just need to wait for newegg to put it up.

Ok now for my question for you guys.
I have been eyeballing the led xms corsair ram.
What is the best ram for gaming (looking for 2 gigs 'i also edit films')
And i was wanting to have my first lesson on how to overclock ram.
I am prepared because i just bought a 680w psu.
So fire away i am eager to learn.
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I'm by no means a guru on overclocking, in fact have no need or interest in it (I didn't even know RAM could be overclocked), however your mention of Corsair did bring to mind a hard-to-find flash tutorial on RAM on the Corsair site that a friend gave me last week, that is perhaps the best educational tool I've seen for RAM. Not sure if it will help you with your quest, but it certainly answers about any question on RAM you can think of: ... index.html
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RAMBUS is some of the best stuff you can get for RAM, it runs at over 1000 Mhz, compared to 400 for DDR, but it also comes with a big price, and the motherboard must be able to accept it.

With that said i am a little out of touch with the latest and greatest for DDR, but you can never go wrong with Kingston Hyper X.

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