Produce a high quality of CDs

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i have a problem regarding of the quality of CDs that i burn,
the problem is, sometimes i found that certain part of the movie that i burned into CD getting stuck (Picture moving slow) how do i produce a good quality of CD, specially VCD and an Audio CD too.
how do i config the setting of my computer.

for your info i use a Iomation CD-RW as a burner.
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The quality on vcd is never going to be perfict but you can get acceptioaly quality. Just make sure that the source viideo is of good quality. How long is the video and how many MB's is it. BTW i would have put this in the Microsoft Windows Forum.
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Ok I think he's talking more about the difference between running the files from the hard drive compared to running them from the CD...

Make sure you're not burning the CD-Rs too fast. If the software supports it, set it to verify the files after burning (this can take a while, but compares the files on the CD to the original source files byte-for-byte, and checks that the CD is readable throughout).

If it's checking out ok on the verify, then it sounds like your CD-Rom drive just isn't setup right. A lot of drives will spin up, read a whole chunk, then spin down, to conserve energy and prevent overuse of the motor inside the CD-Rom drive. If you set your CD/DVD drive to DMA mode, it should be good.

The audio CDs, do they still and have the same problems when playing them in a regular CD player that they do when playing from your CD-Rom drive? If not, and they're fine in your regular CD Player, then the problem is with the playback on your CD-Rom (either hardware limitations or device settings in the OS).

If the regular audio CD Players are having the same problems (or not playing at all), then you're probably burning too fast.

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