Q9550 Overheating, need help.

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My cpu last night was reading 75-80c on each core. This was the reading CPUID HWmonitor was showing me. I multibox WoW and this was with 5 seperate instances of it open at once. It wasn't crashing or even stuttering or anything to show that it was under that much heat. I'm using the stock fan that came with the cpu and artic silver thermal paste (i'm just assuming there is enough thermal paste on the chip right now as i haven't been able to check). The fan is locked down securely over the cpu. I'm curious if CPUID is reading the temps wrong, although it shows the same temp of my 4870x2 as it does in CCC. Is this running so hot because of the 5 WoW apps I run at the same time? Even still that seems a little excessive to me. I wouldn't mind getting a new cpu fan but I can't find a decent one that doesn't requre you to pull out your mobo to bracket it in. If anyone knows of one as well that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Edit* Will a diff CPU fan help make that much of a difference in cooling my chip down 15 or so degrees or however much it needs to drop to be stable?
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if you are running stock fan then it's likely that you can make up to 50 degrees C difference. My flatmate with a Q6600 on stock cooling was having overheating troubles (80 C) and I installed an arctic freezer 7 for him (without removing the mother board) and now his cores run at about 40 degrees. One thing though - installing a fan is the easiest way to bend motherboard pins or damage nearby components on the mobo or crack the mobo. be sure to remember that 775 socket fans have their pins turn anticlockwise to lock - not clockwise like they should be, and the diagonals must be down first to avoid bending and uneven gell - im sure there are fan installation guides in depth somewhere online. I got the fan for my flatmate for £16, including delivery - so don't go overspending. It also came with thermal paste on it so you may need to clear the paste that is left on your cpu after removing your old fan to ensure it is level. a temporary fix would be to open up your bios and lower your cpu multiplier to lower the clock speed - if your fsb is at 1333 then i suspect your multiplier will be 8 (stock Q9550 speed), lower it to 7 (2331 MHz).

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