RAM and HDD problem...

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i got this ram problem specially in adding another Ram in my Mboard...
i has buy this DDR266 PC2100 recently, but i did not know if this suitable with the motherboard that i use...
so my Q here is... how do i know that the new Ram cannot get along with the Ram that already in my Pc... by the way my old Ram is DDR266,
and there strange things happen with my HDD... sometime the capasiti of my HDD suddenly increase, i only used HDD with 40Gb but it increase up to 65Gb... is this is a problem???
thank you
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Does your ram have any stickers or markings on it ?, do you have any model #s handy for it ?
Some ram can't be used in pairs (usually the case with "house brands" & cheaper ram)
How big is each stick ? (MB) What kind of motherboard are you using ?

I guess I should ask what the problem is in the first place as well :P are you placing the ram in and not seeing an increase in the POST ?

As for capacity of your HDD, The only thing I can think of is to as if your sure you were looking at total capacity and not available space. Even then a 25Gig increase would have required ALOT of things getting deleted.

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