Is my RAM faulty?

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My pc's spec. are:
intel 2.4G fsb=800 full cash
M.B = giga fsb=800
RAM= 512M kingstone 333Mhz
H.D.D = 120G

I run a self extract file and each time I got a different answer ( I tried 30 times and in 16 case I got no error but in remained cases I got 1 to 4 error)
Can anybody help me?
Can it be caused by RAM's problem?
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whats the error?
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Its not an I/O error is it? I recently suffered with problems unpacking files & know how annoying it can be! Its like the machine is working perfectly, but installing games etc it just fell over!

I got round my problems by ensuring I did not have any heat issues (i noticed it was more previlant when the PC had been on for a while) Re-seating all my RAM (which didn't help but can cause issues) then a BIOS update, which seemed to sort it.

The BIOS update forced all drivers to re-register, so not sure if it was the BIOS itself or the re-registering of drivers that fixed it - but who cares, it worked! :lol:


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