Recovering data from an external hard drive / not recognized

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Hi guys,

I had my external hard drive connected to my laptop, and opened in windows explorer. I wasn't transferring any files to or from the hard drive.

I unplugged the laptop, but forgot that I had taken out the battery, so it turned off.

After booting my laptop back up, I can't find any files on my external HDD. All the root folders are there, but they are all empty. Showing hidden files shows nothing.

Plus, I keep getting the "Windows - Delayed Write Failed" errors.

When I check the HDD properties, it still says 480GB is in use, which leads me to believe the data is still there, and is hopefully recoverable.

A lot of the data consisted of movies and software iso's, i.e. a relatively small number of large files, if that makes any difference.

I would hate to lose all my stuff. Given my situation, how would I go about getting it back?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Edit: I rebooted the laptop once more, and now Windows does not even recognize my drive. It shows up as "Unknown USB Device". What can I do?
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A quick search brought up this page which describes how to get Windows to recognize your drive once again: ... d-solved/2

Once you have your drive back (hopefully) you could try running CHKDSK from the command prompt to try and recover the files. The files are definitely still there, but sometimes the master file table gets corrupted, in which case you have to resort to some kind of file recovery tool.

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