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Wait wait wait, don't all yell at me at once. Google is great, Google is wonderful, Google is omniscient. But y'know, Google search results have become somewhat overwhelming, and I find myself going to the same few sites I've visited for years to find the info I want, only to find that frequently the information available is either irrelevant or obsolete. With new hardware coming out all the time, I'm not terribly interested in a two-year-old review.

For example, I'd really like a couple of dependable sites that review PC cases. I'm far more interested in an attractive, functional, easy-to-dismantle, roomy chassis than I am in something that's uber-moddable. I don't care about thermal/water cooling or a side window or pretty lights. They're nice, but I haven't the time or energy to bother. Most of the sites I've found (so far) are pretty well dedicated to the modding scene. I'm off to do a Google search in a minute (of course), but which are the sites on which you rely when making your hardware decisions?

Another example: I Googled for headset (gaming Skype usb etc) reviews and was so frustrated after several clicks (omg epinions was so useless) that I ended up making my decision by searching retailers (Amazon, Newegg) and reading the reviews there.

So. We're quite familiar with anandtech, tomshardware, and maybe a handful of others. But sometimes the general hardware sites aren't the best places to go for specific information. Might we start a sticky on a collection of handy resources that serve a niche market and overcome the shortcomings of more generic sites?


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