Review of EVGA 7800 GTX KO Edition

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Post 3+ Months Ago

490 on the core, 1300 on the ram, new copper extended heatsink....

Now, on to my FAVORITE part of the review.... You guys are going to LOVE this!
Originally Posted by anandtech
Warranty is something that we have not touched on much in the past. We think that this plays a role in card value, especially given EVGA's new policy. We mentioned in the last article that as of June 22, EVGA is offering a lifetime warranty for all of its cards. BFG also offers a warranty, but apparently, EVGA's is different in that it covers any damage to the card as long as it's not physical. So, for instance, if the EVGA card is damaged by trying to overclock it too high, or if lightning fries it because it was not protected by a surge protector, EVGA will replace it free of charge while BFG will not. MSI's warranty is only good for three years, with basically the same conditions as BFG. Depending on the user, three years may be longer than the "lifetime" of the card, but covering all but physical damage is a definite win for EVGA. Aside from power surge, overclock and heat damage, they'll even cover a failed video BIOS flash (we asked). You can find more information about each manufacturer's warranty policy at their respective websites.

Whoa Whoa Whoa.... EVGA will cover the card if you TELL THEM you overclocked it too far????

From this day forth, I shall ONLY buy EVGA cards. Another company ACTUALLY LIKES US!!!

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Most processors and cards now come with protection algorithms that shuts down the core and puts it into a "safe" mode when thermal and overclock problems arise. This greatly reduces the failures from too much overclock and not enough heat dissipation.

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