Router Connection Issue, NAT Problem?

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I cannot connect to any servers in the gaming program Steam. I can browse servers, however I cannot connect. EVERY other program I use on the internet works great, and I've pretty much isolated this issue down to my router.



There is 2 routers where I am currently located. I need to be behind BOTH of them at once and in the order I state no matter what.

They are both LinkSys routers:
(I will refer to them as follows)
Router #1 = BEFSX41
Router #2 = WRT54GL

Now... When I am behind Router #1 (alone as a gateway), Steam WORKS alright. But, when Router #2 is placed behind Router #1 (the gateway) as a sub-network (I don't know what you call it), then steam DOESN'T work.

- All internet programs on this computer EXCEPT steam work behind both routers.
- Firmware IS up-to-date on both routers.
- There was no clientside firewalls AT ALL (not even XP)
- Steam doesn't work even if router firewalls are entirely disabled.
- Steam doesn't work when there is absolutily not Firewalls (Software & Hardware).
- Steam doesn't work even if correct ports are forworded (even though this shouldn't be the case, because I'm not running a server).

I posted a similar post to this on the Steam forums, and some moderator said it was a problem with Double NAT and how steam cannot do it because it needs to verify you or some crap... (At the moment I think the program is a pos)

Anyway, I think he was probably right, because when it comes to setting up 1 router behind another, I am a moron. When I bought the 2nd one, I just typed in like a random address to use and somehow connected and it works great... just not with steam. So does anybody know what I can enable or disable or do to fix steam without having to remove the 2nd router? :cry:

Thanks in Advance...

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