silly question about NTFS drives

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How do you get to a DOS-like C prompt on an NTFS drive? I know with 98 and such using FAT32, you would just pop in a boot disk and reboot the system. This would bring you up into a C prompt, and you could run FDISK and Format and such from there.

However, I'm not very familiar working with NTFS formated drives. How do you get such a drive to start in a C prompt? Basically, I have a HDD formated for 2000 Pro and NTFS. I want to wipe it though. I figured I could just make a boot disk in 2000, but when I run the boot disk it boots up into a re-installation screen.

Any tips are highly appreciated! Thanks.

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Win2k doesn't run on DOS -- well it sorta does, but it doesn't really. Anyway, you can't do it the way you're trying. I don't have the time to look now, but if you do a few searches around OZZU, I'm almost certain I've seen conversations that talk about using a Linux boot disk to accomplish what you're after.

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