Some-thing strange about MP3 Players/Recorders !!!

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Can some-one be kind enough to answer my questions which are in bold text ?

What is "Organic EL screen" ?

I am new to MP3 players.
I want to buy one that does not only play mp3 files but also play and record the radio aswell as record voice/sound/dictation.

Sometimes I come across great ones but they don't have any rechargeable batteries and the ones that do have them have rubbish functions.
And so, if I buy the one with great functions and no recharge-able batteries then if I replace them with recharge-able batteries then will my MP3 Player-Recorder work with-out getting screwed-up ?

Anyway, I am not interested in the "flash memory" ones because even though they are "remove-able memory" they do not contain that much space. And, those that do are too expensive. I am not going to buy IPOD because they are only suitable for MACs (I think).
And so, I thought it would be best if I get the one that has "internal memory" (hard drive) that can hold music aswell as data files so I can easily transfer important data files from my pc to it and carry it on my pocket always.
As I was shopping around, I came across :

MP3 USB Key, Internal Memory and Hard Drive (3 types of MP3 Players/Recorders).
Now, I am spoilt for choice.
I mean, what's the difference between the "Internal Memory" type and the "Hard drive" and the "MP3 USB Key" type MP3 Players/Recorders ?
I mean, the "Internal Memory" type and the "Hard drive" MP3 Players/Recorders are the same thing ain't it ? Because the "Hard Drive" MP3 Player/Recorder also has "Internal Memory". Don't understand this mystery. Am really getting puzzled.
If you say that the "Internal Memory" type and the "Hard drive" MP3 Players/Recorders are the same thing then why has this website categorised them differently ?
Check the links on the left-side of the webpage :

Check under the section "MP3 PLAYER (220)" and you will see that there is one section "MP3 Hard drive" and another section "MP3 with Internal Memory".
I am going to ask the website these questions but as you know usually websites take a week to reply and I need answers quick and so I need your excellant help !

Please note that I am not spamming the links because I don't own them and I am not affiliated with them either otherwise I would have listed my referral links.

Also, if the "MP3 USB Key" type is a "remove-able memory" then why do the descriptions of each MP3 Player/Recorder on the following link advertise some "MP3 USB Key" Mp3 Players/Recorders that they do not have "removeable memory" ?

Strange !

Oh by the way, the ones that have "dictaphone", would they be able to record secretly conversations which I have with others ? I mean, from how far can they record voice/sound ?

I have some more questions regarding the technical words about MP3 Players/recorders and I have posted them on the thread "What is all this about MP3 USB KEY ?".

Please try to answer them.
Kindly help this fellow find the right MP3 Player/Recorder for himself.

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Organic EL screen? Man -- you got one of those? I heard they were coming..
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Internal memory usually refers to internal Flash memory. Which means the memory chip itself can't be removed. Hard drive MP3 players are usually stated as such, so theres not much confusing with them.

As for MP3 USB Keys, their somewhat of a hybrid between an MP3 player and a standard USB Key.

The USB Key simply means that it can store files other than MP3's and are easily plugged into another computer. Other MP3's usually require a USB cable to attach to a computer.

Removable memory usually refers too an addon memory chip that can be plugged in and expand the memory capacity.

I havn't experimented with the recording abilities of MP3 players, but I don't think you can record from any far distance. I believe it should be somewhat near your mouth for it to detect anything with reasonable clairity.

Hope this helps.

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