Sony DVD RW DRU-530A

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I just bought this pieace of hardware. It is an 8x DVD RW. I am happy with it itself,
although I have a few questions I need help with.

First, about installation of the actual hardware. My E-Machine has a second expansion
bay slot, directly underneath my CD-RW that came with the machine. I wanted to add
the DVD-RW under it, so I could have dual drives. However, when I got the machine
apart, I could not find any extra slots for the SCSI cable that came with the burner.
There was also a little four pronged, female plug, with the male portion on the burner, I
couldn't find an extra one of those. So, I ended up having to take both off the CD-RW
and connecting them to the DVD-RW. It worked fine, and the PC had no troubles
detecting it. Right off I went to the net and made sure I had the newest drivers.

Now, it is working, and I am trying to use it. I have always used TMPGEnc to convert
files to .mpeg, then used Nero to burn VCD's. I am trying to use Nero to burn a DVD,
and it goes through the exact same process as it always has, except that once the
encoding portion is done, and it would usually start actually burning, I get an
error message and Nero stops. I will post the error message when I get it again (am
currently encoding, trying it again). I don't know if I have to change something about
Nero, or something about my DVD-RW.

Anyone know how I can 1) re-install my CD-RW so I can use both, and 2) figure out if
the burning problems are with Nero or with the DVD-RW?
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Lite-On SOHW-812S Dual DVD±RW Writer ,and DRU-530A,are same .
and the hot setup is to flash it to lite-on's firmware(I did it to mine )
behaves much better .It enables .

Bitsetting to DVD+RW works on the official US0J.( if you ever burnt an ISO to disk ,then you no what that is .
In my experiences with the Sony firmware vs LiteOn firmware US0J, the LiteOn is far better. ... atched.rar
there's 2 players in that zip file ,just make shure you use the 812S.

You will see a big improvement .It also improves the burn Quality.

and for setting the 2 of them up ,better to go here ..
this is by far the best forum if you want to talk optical disks
just do a search when you get there (there's too much info )
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It double posted on me (thats what happens when you 2 types of browsers open at the same time)

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