spilled water on laptop! PLEASE HELP!

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i just recently bought a toshiba laptop and maybe have had it for about 2-3 weeks. today, my glass of water knocked down and went all over my keyboard. it was maybe 1/4 of water. i wiped the water off and it was working perfectly fine. around 45 minutes later, the keyboard wasnt working. letters would randomly show up even though i wasnt pressing them. hours later, i turn on my laptop and everything is working fine. it's just the keyboard that doesnt work. how can i fix this? do i need to buy a whole new laptop? please help, it is very much appreciated.
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Being the Toshiba lover that i am i can answer this :P

I guess that a circuit as been shorted on the keyboard from the moisture of the water even tho you have wiped it down, should of taken it apart too.

Now really you just need to replace the keyboard, which is really simple and you don't need to pull most of the laptop apart on most models. pop open the top of the keyboard and remove the holding screws which should pop out the laptop. Then on the IDE cable there will be some clips on the side, unlock them and the cable should side out.

Once your new one turns up in the mail put the cable back in and lock the clips, put the feet in the bottom and screws in the top and the little board back on top to cover and should be back to normal again.

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