Sun L7 tape boot up error "Drive Post"

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Dear users,

When i powered up my Sun StorEdge L7, i saw this error message on the LCD "Drive Post". The L7 User's Guide is limited which did not guide on how to resolve the issue.

Hoping for anyone in this forum give me or guide me to resolve the problem.

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Post 3+ Months Ago ... /docs.html

You are correct. The user guide isn't much help and the trouble shooting guide found at the above site isn't much better. Here's what it says.

Identifies a logical sequence of events to troubleshoot a Sun StorEdge L7 Autoloader based upon the error message displayed on the LCD. Since there are no Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) items available for servicing a StorEdge L7 Autoloader, failure to successfully clear the error message after performing the steps outlined in this decision tree will result in autoloader replacement.

This error message indicates the drive failed to complete its Power On Self Test (POST). A dRIVE POST
error can occur if any of the following errors occur during the StorEdge L7 POST:
Ø CT FAILED – Cleaning tape failed to clean drive.
Ø dRIVE BUSY – Drive busy, cannot unload tape.
Ø dRIVE dOOR – Drive door stepper motor limit.
Ø dRIVE EJCT – Drive failed to eject medium.
Ø dRIVE HNdL – Drive ‘Operate Handle’ timeout.
Ø dRIVE LOAd – Unable to load medium into the drive.
Ø dRIVE PGRM – Attempt to set drive parameters failed.
Ø dRIVE UNLd – Drive not logically unloaded.
Troubleshooting should begin with cycling power to the autoloader.
Note: When powering off the autoloader, the POWER button on the front panel of the autoloader must be
pressed and held for 2 seconds.
DP1: Check to see if the error message is still present after cycling autoloader power.
R1: Error message is still present.
A1: Refer to the errors listed above for specific actions to perform.
R1: Error message no longer present.
A1: Continue normal autoloader operation.

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