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I just bought:
    Pentium Core2 Duo E650 / 2.13Ghz Socket 775
    MSI P965 Neo
    XFX GeForce 7600GT
    Corsair 1GB ValueSelect DDR2 Memory Module

And the damned thing does nothing but start the fans blowing. No monitor, no beeps (where does the pc speaker plug in on that motherboard?), nothing. Mind you, it's using the DVI-VGA converter - does that make a difference?

Any help would be appreciated, sincerely. -B.
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no beeps = short, no power, bad CPU/MB, loose peripherals
one beep = everything is normal and computer posted fine
two beeps = POST/CMOS error
one long beep, one short beep = Motherboard Problem
one long beep, two short beeps = Video Problem
one long beep, three short beeps = Video Problem
three long beeps = keyboard error
repeated long beeps = memory error
continuous high-low beeps = CPU Overheating
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The first things to check is to make sure everything is connected properly and fully seated.

Here is a basic troubleshooting guide MSI has online

The manual for your motherboard should have a diagram of where the speaker hooks up.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

You also need to hook up the leads to the motherboard for the power and reset switch and make sure they are correct and if you hooked up one of those front USB ports where you have to figure out the USB pins yourself - that could be your probem as well.

Also, what kind of power supply are you using?

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