updating bios on motherboard

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i've been wanting to get the asus a8n-sli premium board to go with an athlon 64 x2 4400. but i read the mobo isn't x2 ready, that you have to update the bois...is that true? if so, what is the best way to update the bois if you don't have another 939 processor lying around.

before you guys think i'm an idiot, i am. i never updated a bois before. so help please. shanks.
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Your best bet is to go to Asus's website and pull the documentation for how to update the BIOS for their boards. I have an Asus board and it is the easiest board I have ever updated BIOS wise. Without a processor though you will not be able to update the BIOS.
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You will first off need to get hold of another 939 CPU.

Then you will need to download the latest [ or most recent stable version ] of the A8N-SLI BIOS. 1008.003 is the most recent BETA version or 1007 is the most recent complete release.

Download which ever you prefer and extract from the ZIP file. From within the ZIP file save the .BIN file to a floppy disk and rename A8NSLI-B.BIN. You will also need to save a file called AWDFLASH.EXE so that you can use the flash BIOS feature.

You will also need to make yourself a bootable floppy disk so that you can access DOS mode from a cold boot.

When you are in DOS you will need to swap floopy disks with the disk containing the new BIOS and AWDFLASH.EXE file, then run the AWDFLASH.EXE file and let the computer do the rest for you.

You may be able to use the X2 whilst doing the update, I don't know, probably not, but may be worth a try ?

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