Vista Vostro laptop overheating/crashing

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i have a Dell Vostro laptop which has started to overheat causing it to reboot.. (used a third party software to read cpu temperature and it was on 90)

now ive got the laptop opened up to see if the FAN is moving and realized that it only runs for 1 - 2 seconds when powered up.
the fan doesnt power up anymore after its little 1 or 2 seconds of fame.

would this mean its 100% the fan? i've read in other post that some if not all laptop fans avoid to run until needed, not to sure if this is true ( work very little with laptops ) some thread have also stated that since the laptop fan "runs" for a second or two it would mean that the fan is "not" faulty but it could be a motherboard issue??

i am very unfamiliar with laptops so would like to hear your suggestions before i head over to an online store and buy a replacement fan

(EDIT) the fan starts working again when i start opening applications.. alot of them.. the fan runs for say 10 seconds or so and it dies out again. current temperature is 62C. will add another edit if something comes up. will leave it running to see whether or not the cpu fan runs when it hits 70 or 80C +

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