Water in T41 - advise?

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I got the tiniest amount of water in my laptop. I assumed it was just the keyboard so I kept working away. The comp froze so I turned it of. Cleaned everything off (just wiped) - opened it up - saw the tiniest amt of water by the trackpad cable. I let it dry for a little and turned it on.

-First go: Windows XP load bar was SUPER slow (waited some more)

-Second go: Windows XP tries to load for about 5 min then gets a hardware error (then I waited some more)

-Third go: Windows XP loads very slowly but loads. Couldn't really do anything it was so slow so I turned it off.

-Fourth go: In the morning - It loads and I was able to backup my stuff but it was sometimes perfectly fast, sometimes laggy, and sometimes super slow. Mouse, for example, what shutter/lag (I think the mouse is fine)

I am planning on leaving it alone for awhile. Maybe it will get better but if this continues is there one part that I could replace? What do the symptoms suggest? HD? CPU? MB? I don't think its the ram - they were far from the water and I tried switching them out. I don't think its the fans. Should I "wash" some of the areas by the trackpad cable/cpu?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

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I bet that there is water still in there. Let it dry but open it and flip it, so the keyboard is facing down. Put it on some towels or somethng soft.

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