What's the best way to load test/benchmark a powersupply?

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I'm going to be developing a workstation in the near future and my thoughts are basically, install all the hardware then connect all the accessories (fans, LCD readout screens, fan controllers, etc), the mobo of course, the primary (system) hard drive, floppy drive, BD Drive, DVD Drive, the X16 graphics card, and X number of hard drives. Then boot the system let it run for X period of time if I don't get any failures add X more hard drives and repeat until all hard drives are connected and the system runs without failure. Install OS (yup didn't do that yet) setup raid, run a stress test for X period of time, if system crashes (due to lack of power) disconnect X hard drive(s) run stress test, repeat till system is stable power wise, if lack of power crash occurs upgrade power supplies run system stress test again till system is stable.

I don't really expect any power failures during the no OS load test with the amount of juice it's gonna be pumping but i'd prefer to know my system isn't stable before I work on it.

Is this excessive? Is there a better way to test if the power supplies can handle a 100% system load (I know not gonna happen) and laugh at the same time? Data reliability is crucial in this system, then comes stability, it's main purpose is development (rendering, crunching numbers, etc) with the occasional game thrown in.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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The power supplies and other hardware are already rated. The manufacturers can tell you how much power a system requires. So if order a specific mother board, processor, etc..., the supply house can tell me exactly what I need.

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