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Post 3+ Months Ago

so i plan on buying a 360 elite in the next month or so and i dont particularly like the aesthetics or the vacuum cleaner noise levels so i plan on building a clear accrylic case for it.

what i need is a template or something similar with which to build the case from. try as i might i cant find one, i do however know that the system is 10.15 inches from front to rear. im just looking for something telling me the dimensions i need to keep it so that i dont need to use a bunch of wires to connect my usb and such to and posibly where the mount posts need to be placed.

i also plan on liquid cooling the system while im at it so i need to find a good mini itx power supply or something of the like to run my pump off of. i really have no idea as to what to use for this since a micro itx would require that i have a mobo hooked up or that i mod it which im kinda paranoid about doing to a power unit.

this is what im lookin at for the moment. if you have any suggestions then please im looking for all the input i can get

Waterblock kit(yes i realize it comes with tubing but im racist against blue)
Radiator fan
Level indicator
Flow indicator
UV lighting

i also plan on stripping the standard power adapter that the 360 comes with and placing it in the case im going to build. i think ill build a thermally sealed section of the case for the power and put an 80mm fan in the back and a few vent slots up front or something like that.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

man that would own :P

first go here

that shows you everything about the 360 (harware ect)

size of the xbox is ... nsions.jpg

i got ya a pic rofl and you wonna add some space for you bits a bobs lol :P

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