Anyone recommend a reseller to me?

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I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death in the past but doing a quick search didn't turn up any topics that answered all of my questions so I figured I'd start my own.

Currently I'm on a web host (Dreamhost) that works fine for my website but as I've begun to do more contracting work I'm finding that I should probably be transitioning into reselling to help make profit and stay connected to my clients. I've been looking at for some time now and I had originally planned on going with them but I've found several other hosts that offer cheaper plans (though I don't know how reputable or reliable their hosting is) so I thought I'd ask the community to see if they had any advice on which way to go.

I'm looking for the best value in Linux hosting that uses cPanel... any tips would be very helpful!
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I have had nice experience with innohosting. Their prices are the same as other providers do, but in terms of customer care they are the best especially if you reseller. They will do tech support for you and answer your sales tickets.
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If you want something with a little more control I would recommend HostV, Its a VPS that has everything already installed. You can basically use it the same way you would any other reseller account but if you need to install any custom software or anything like that you have the option too.
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