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mine has been awsome lol
i have a m8 who made an account...
he told me about the problems.
the isp of his host keeps cutting him off without notice for porn, copyrighted stuff etc

haha, glad i made the right choice
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Right now, half of the sites are STILL down.

It's been over 3 weeks now...I finally quit on Jc-host.

Support there sucks. The forums were taken down, apparently the admin thinks people wanting answers is actually spam. :/

So since the forums were down, I emailed him, what happens?
No reply. And he was online and around...starting new auctions on Ebay for hosting as well as posting on his personal site.

Now I know why its so cheap. Quality is cheap as well.

For anyone who ever conciders Jc-host
check out this site, which was made by another former jc-host member...

Jack (the owner of Jc-host) doesn't like that site...
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I own a hosting company and I can sell excellent quality hosting for a very low price. Sometimes I feel I should raise the price so that people will actually belive that is a legitimate deal some people may be leery sometimes because they get allot for just a little so I cant really speculate on what another hosting companies reliability is on something like that. I have always found a majority of the time that if it is to good to be true it probaly is. Then on the otherhand If I give a low low price someone could then say the same thing about my company I know we provide an excellent service. I know our guide liness and policies a majority of my existing Clients Stay with us year after year. But You being a concerned customer of course would be a little leary and if you weren't I would figure you were up to something. So it comes down all on trusting your gut feeling on this one should you go ahead and bye? Or should you shop around? Then there is allways lifes little lessons of paying for our mistakes god knows its cost me an arm and a leg. But I can say that I have allways learned a lesson when ever it has cost me money. Lucky enough if you cant find any real negative feedback from this company, and don't get me wrong I would love to earn your business as well. but if they offer the package that you want and its a price that you happy with paying and it's not gonna hurt you if you do end up loosing it. I say go for it, try them out and see how they are. Mabey I have helped you shed some light on your discision and hopefuly not woried you more.

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