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My Own Autoresponder Service

I was on the look-out for a paid web autoresponder service.
This means the autoresponder would be hosted on some-one else’s webserver and I will use it’s service through the web.
The other night, I thought it might be best if I do not bother buying a monthly autoresponder service but instead run my own autoresponder from my own website.
But, tonight I was thinking, maybe it is best that I run an autoresponder service where people can create autoresponder accounts through the web and use them.
This means, I will have to buy a web autoresponder script and host it.

You see, I am not working at the moment and I thought that if I can some-how start a hosting business from home and earn atleast $800/month then that would be enough for me to make a living for the time being.

Right now, I am not thinking of purchasing my own server nor acquire my own high speed internet connection. I think it’s best to sign-up to a popular webhost and let them take care of hosting my web autoresponder script to provide the world a web autoresponder service.
So, if I do finally run an autoresponder service through the web then I would like your advice or feed-back on :

1. how much bandwidth I should get to host my web autoresponder service
2. what features you recommend are mandatory for my business to survive
3. what features you reckon are not really mandatory but if I have them then I am likely to attract a lot of customers and do better than my competitions
4. what my package prices should be
5. how I can influence you to quit your present autoresponder service to buy my own autoresponder service.
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I don't think you need much bandwidth, do you know if there are more people around that could use an autoresponder service? Because in e.g. cPanel there's already a build in autoresponder.
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Hi onauc,

Most control panels will handle autoresponders. Based on your previous reseller post - autoresponders are your secondary concern - however, this does raise a valid point. When making a reseller decision - always make a control panel decision first.

I would highly recommend you take a look at all control panels - specifically h-sphere and plesk reloaded. Switching hosts is easy - migrating to different control panels is not - it is very important that you make the right control panel decision from the start.

Do not make a decision like cPanel - just because it is the most popular - you will regret this later - as it is limiting and there will be even less to differentiate you from other hosts.

Hope this helps...

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