Awstats + Urchin with Ensim

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Awstats start to suck for my sites, it also never work properly too - dont count well , however now it only counts 25-26 visitors per day altough there are 250-260 ...
Are there any idea about why Awstats start to suck like that?
It comes with ensim pro as default .

If anybody help me how to enable to work Awstats properly please tell me how can i combine Urchin to the Ensim pro?
Urchin was installed as default for the server as https://my.ip:9999
and also i have put its link to the Esnim pro site admin panel but it doesnt work automatically , i have to create accounts directly from Urchin root admin but by this way Urchin profile seems running but not working too.

Has any body know how to automate Urchin with Ensim pro?

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Ok i have found the solution and if anyone lives like that problem here is the solution;

HOWTO: Autocleanup urchin when you delete an Ensim virtual site.
Ok, so we all followed the howto's to integrate urchin with Ensim to add a new Urchin profile when a new Ensim domain is added. Howeverm when a domain is deleted from Ensim, that Urchin profile is left stranded. We have created a script to delete the Urchin profile when a site is deleted from Ensim.

Here's how to deploy it.

This HOWTO has been tested on Ensim 3.7 for RHEL. Your results may vary.

All these commands are executed as root

Select a location on the server for the storage of your urchin integration scripts. (This should probably be the same location your script is located).

Create a file in this location called and put in the following contents.



DOMAIN=`/usr/local/bin/sitelookup -s $1 domain`
USER=`/usr/local/bin/sitelookup -s $1 site_admin`

echo "action=delete table=task name=\"$DOMAIN\"" > $OUTPUT
echo "action=delete table=profile name=\"$DOMAIN\"" >> $OUTPUT
echo "action=delete table=logfile name=\"$DOMAIN-access_log\"" >> $OUTPUT
echo "action=delete table=logfile Name=\"$DOMAIN-access_log.1\"" >> $OUTPUT
echo "action=delete table=user Name=\"$USER@$DOMAIN\"" >> $OUTPUT

$URCHINPATH/util/uconf-driver -f $OUTPUT > /dev/null

Save the file and give it the following permissions
chmod 755

Next create a file called in the /etc/appliance/customization directory and copy in the following contents. (Note: if the file already exists, simply append the last line to the script.

Remember to change the path below to actually point to you script you created in the previous step.


/path_to_your_urchin_scripts/ $1

Set the permissions on the script

chmod 755 /etc/appliance/customization/

That’s it... Now when you delete your domains in ensim, you'll have your Urchin profiles cleaned up as well.

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