Best ISP in the UK for self-hosting?

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I am hosting a web site using a UK ISP. This ISP keeps on disonnecting at least once a day!
Do you know any reliable ISP that doesn't disconnect, gives a static ip and allows you to send emails ?

Thank you for sharing
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statis IP, basically u need to pay extra for that. else u have to locate hosting plan that provide free IP like: ixwebhosting

its better to get hosting from US top hosting.
just simple because there are backed/connected by multiple ISP. 1 down, you still got many to backup. basically its much much reliable.

for a cheaper solution , try godaddy. however they limit the email sending to 250/domain/day.

good luck
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DSL companies provide users with a static IP address as standard [ telewest for example ].

Most ADSL BT phone exchange based companies [ UK ] only buy so many IP addresses. I tried to get a static IP address from my ISP not to host sites from, but just to use as a file server that I would be able to access from outside my LAN.

Anyway, they said they didnt supply static IP addresses and neither did most other ADSL ISP's because:

The reason you always have a different IP address is because { ISP } only buy so many IP address due to the cost. Basicaly { ISP } are betting on the fact that not all their clients are going to be online at any one point.

What you can do though is get a modem router or wifi modem router. As these are generally left on 24/7 [ or at least mine is ] you are not connecting or disconnecting from the internet and therefore your IP is "static". All you have to worry about is power failure knocking out your router. In which case a UPS would do the job most of the time.

Your best bet is still getting someone to do all the work for you though [ I.E. a webhost ]. It just makes life so much less complicated and they have all the backup etc to go with it.

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