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Guys, I wonder if you could help.

I bought 2 ftp sites with through a reseller. And have transferred 2 domains from a different hosting company( to both of these sites. And have uploaded the same files on both sites. both sites seem to be working fine.

Problem: The email forms work on both sites, but i dont receive emails forms from site1, only from site 2 comes out of their server.

It cant be the files, they are all the same. It cant be the web spaces, they are both the same from Fasthost, both Windows package, bought at the same time. I dont even get errors when submitting forms form site1, so i assume both forms work and they both send the form by email to mel, but somehow forms from domain 1 get stuck in the server and dont come out.

I have asked my reseller to contact Fasthost about this, but they couldnt help. They come up with the same rubbish answer " Sorry, this is a coding issue, we cant help" (No idiot, i said the same files have been uploaded to both sites and one of the sites work.)

I have uploaded files again and again for the past few days to both sites, It didnt help, the same problem. Both email forms work on both sites, but i can only receive site2 forms in the email.

Is there any settings in the server side that might be dealing with this, i dont know, something about MX records or email settings in domain 1 maybe? Both forms in both sites set to send emails to the same email address as well.

Appreciate any input on this guys, as its really eating my mind.

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Post 3+ Months Ago


2 things to check on the host that doesnt work.

1) there has been a HUGE increase in php injection types of attacks. If you are using an out of the box mail form (like formmail) - then its possible that host is blocking that script from executing

2) check the web server IP that is sending that mail from the script to make sure it isnt blacklisted on RBL's. If its blacklisted and your ISP (which you use to receive mail) is suscribes to that RBL, you wont receive any mail.

Hope this helps...

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