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I have registered a domain with Yahoo, and set the DNS servers to that of the webhost. What do I enter into the CNAME and A Records? Most registrants don't ask for this info, and I am not sure what goes in there.

Right now our site is down. :( Not sure if it still a matter of propagation, or if the CNAME and A Records are a problem. Specifically the CNAME record which keeps defaulting to Yahoo! Hostname when I enter an IP address, and where server DNS address cannot be entered (keep getting "service not available right now when trying to enter a name). All other A records point to our hosts server IP. Right now some hosts are working, but others are not. I am worried that soon none will work (note, we had everyone working, but not sure under what settings.. email was getting lost so we made some changes, and are not sure anymore about the original settings).

So, what we need is help in entering the right info into CNAME and A Records... Particuallry with Yahoo domains.

BTW, there are our settings now (using alias domain name, IP address is that of the server on which the page resides).
A Record * Edit | Delete
A Record Edit | Delete
A Record Edit | Delete
A Record Edit | Delete
CNAME Record Yahoo! Hostname Edit | --

Can't delete last line, only create a new one making two CNAME Records. Is this right, combined with our DNS servers set to those of the webhost?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Let's see if I understand you correctly;
You registered a name with Yahoo, and therefore are using their DNS setting tool, or are you using them for DNS as well?
In other words, do you go into your control panel (ack) and tell them who your DNS provider is (which is probably also your web host) or do you actually run DNS out of Yahoo? (I am thinking the former, vs. the latter).
The third option is that you are running your own DNS -- which based upon your queries, I hope is not the case.

So I will assume you are merely using the Yahoo interface to pick authoritative DNS servers for your domain. *Then* using the graphic tool (ack, again) to edit your DNS records to reflect your requirements.

If I browse to that IP, I see an Ensim interface, which is I am guessing what you wanted to come up on the default interface? Regardless, that is server setup, not DNS so I shan't digress.

Your 'A' records look ok. (At least as far as I can tell; I am used to editing the db file directly with rndc in Bind -- so all gui's look a bit foreign to me. :) )

In essence you should have an A record ( IN A actually, for Internet Address) which will resolve your name to your IP.
A CNAME, or canonical name is like an alias.
Typically, I'll have "@ IN A <IP>, then add a line for www as a cname.

Let's say for instance, you wanted a page at to be different from You can set up two A records to point at different IP's (or the same one if you are using name-based hosting, but that doesn't fit into my analogy so ignore it :) ).

Then you and she get a divorce, well you run the DNS show, so you then CNAME hers to mine thusly;
hers IN CNAME mine

Everyone who surfs to her page will then see yours, where you appropriately lambast her for some perceived indiscretion.


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