Desperately Need New Hosting !

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Hello, Image

I have been browsing this forum for days .. finally decided to register.
I know it is quite rude to join and then ask for your help right away, but I am desperate. . Image

Have been with previous host since 1997 .. had dedicated IP's in various C Classes.

Host has recently given notice that they will be moving all clients to shared hosting.

Got a dedicated server (from an up and coming, supposedly extremely reputable hosting company).

HUGE mistake! Server was down for 6 hours!
With all my eggs in one basket I had 100+ sites down all at once. . Image

Desperately seeking 8 good, reliable hosting companies.

Needs = Unix Hosting, 10 dedicated IP's in 3 to 4 different C Classes from each host, good tech support, and obviously ... UPTIME !

Do not need huge amounts of disk space or bandwidth. All sites are fairly small and quite simple .. just affiliate marketing sites, some of which link to one another .. hence, the need for different C Classes.

Thank you sooo much for any help you can provide. . Image
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This question has now been asked many times and for the most part, it only gives people a chance to spam their hosting services.

Read this post:

and have another good look through the forum and you will no doubt find some good recommendations, there is also a sponsored topic at the top of the forum too.


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