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I need some sugestions!
ok i have a website (on a red-hat 7.3 dedicated server) i wasent the creator of this system. ok now i need to implement ssl security on it. But, directnick dosent redirect https://www.mydomain.com (they put my website in a frame) https://(my.ip) works fine they told me i need to get one of there options directDNS that will let me create A and MX record. Directc nick dosent seems to let me use my own private dns server. direct nick also handles redirection of al my @mydomain.com emails (but i already have and up and running mail server tat only used for outgoing mail).

Also directnick frame redirection "disable" my metatags.

(is directnick frame redirection is a standart in the industry?????)

Now what i am asking you is sugestions to implement in the fastest easyest way to implement ssl sertificate whitout interuption to my email rediraection and of corse http://www.mydomain.com availability. AND have meta tags that works.

(eventualy i would like to use a 100% my mail server) and have 100% control over my dns redirection. but for now(easy and fast are the key words )

P.S hope you understand me!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

This post is confusing. I reread it a few times but really do not understand what you are trying to get after.

You mention SSL security certificates, DirectNic redirection, DNS A and MX records, and metatags. You then mention what is the fastest and easiest way to implement a SSL certificate without interuption to your email redirection with Meta tags that work. I am totally lost!. Why would SSL interupt your email? and what does the email have to do with meta tags or your website? and what does DNS have to do with SSL? Much more clarification here would help.

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