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(I had to rewrite domain names to post this - seems odd for a hosting forum! So I replaced dot with underscore...)
I had a new domain new_com forwarded to an existing system old_com, using goDaddy's domain forwarding and masking.

On the machine old_com I have apache2 setup to virtual host both domains, and they have different landing pages.

But with this setup, I do go through their hosting and forwarding, and arrive at the old_com machine, but get it's old_com home page. The requests arrive at old_com with it's name as the target. I want to use it's IP, but send with a new_com target name.

So I turned off forwarding, and manually set the new_com DNS a-record to point directly to the IP of old_com, and now it works fine.

But I don't like the fact that I have a hard-wired IP in this 2nd level DNS, I'd rather have a domain name like I had with the forwarding setup, otherwise if old_com gets moved to a new IP, new_com breaks..

Is there some better way to do this?

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