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I have recently purchased a domain name and hosting for a new project that i am about to start working on, both of which are with different companies. I set the domain up so it pointed to my hosting, waited until the changes had propagated and everything worked fine.

So my question is, I did the above on my iPad. And pretty much as everything has propagated and worked, my battery died. Now i have managed to get some charge to check the domain and it is as though i have not touched it and is completely unpropagated .

I was just wondering if anybody knows what has happened?, or if anybody has ever had anything similar happen?

Thanks for any help or advice with regards to this matter.
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I am sorry, but that does not even make sense. Your client, and I am assuming you did this all via some web-based front end, has absolutely nothing to do with the process other than offering you an interface to their system. IN other words, your machine does not hold sway over the functioning of DNS worldwide.
The obvious choice, is a problem on the part of your domain service or hosting provider, depending upon what the issue is you are seeing. If it is just that DNS has not propagated, or if it is configured incorrectly, then it's all about your domain host.
The status of whatever electronic device you used to purchase and configure (once completed) has nothing to do with further operation.

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