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I know this is going to be a sinch for someone to answer.

I have a website on a virtual server. Let's say this website is: http://www.domain1.com

I don't use anywhere near the storage or bandwidth limits on this account.

I want to start another website. A completely separate website.

Let's call the new website I want to create: http://www.domain2.com

I want both of these websites to exist on the same virtual server and remain completely separate to the users.

When someone types in http://www.domain2.com I want to send them to a directory on the virtual server I am already using, and I want it to be treated as it's own separate entity.

I also want people to be able to reach every part of this new website with full paths. e.g. :


So hopefully you see what I'm saying. Hopefully I can accomplish this with Domain Forwarding instead of having to pay for another virtual host. Standard and Frame forwarding are not what I am looking for. I have tried them and they do not do what I have described above.

Can IP Forwarding accomplish this for me? (with a static IP) Or will I need to have a completely separate virtual host for this?

Thanks in advance :D
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Hi webmister,

It looks like you are just looking for multiple domain hosting. Ask you current provider what the cost will be to add an additional domain (some hosts offer more then 1 domain anyway - so, it probably will not cost you much, if anything at all...)

Unless Im mistaken what you're asking, you wont need any fancy forwarding solution, etc... Essentially you want to be able to log into your ftp and see an additional folder for this domain?

Hope this helps...
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If we are understanding you correctly webmister CartikaHosting is correct. If your host already offers cPanel then you want to look for the Addon domain link in your control panel.

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