factors playing a role in delevering a website in fast mode?

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Hello Friends,

I am krish and new to this forum. I wanu solve some of my queries over here.
My problem is I am changing my web hosting server. And i dun know how to evaluate the transfer rate of new hosting server. I mean I dont know what factors playing a role in delevering a website in fast mode to visitors. I have many questions coming in my mind are mentioned below......

how can we verify what speed of internet connection the hosting companies have?

hosting people are talking about hard ware/software installed the server does they matter in speed?

the best server they are offering are pentium 3ghz. (I dun know the best configuration to be best in speed)?

how can we know that 3gzh or more can handle how many simultanious visitors?

Why ZERO SIZE REPLY comes by apache server is that because of speed or server load?

Is progrmming logic and style also matters in speed?

What should be done for database driven websites to make fast so that visitors can experience fast page download to their browser?

How many simultanious access a server can serve and what to do to make this higher?

These are the question I have and want to solve. Even i dont know how to evaluate a good webhosting company. I mean what questions are required to solve to select a good webhosting company.

Thats all my friends and I guess I explained well..

eager to read your comments.

Thanks in advance
krish :)
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Hi Milepearl,
You can check the speed of the site hosted on a particular host by using tools like alertra.com
As far as server is concerned, the spped depends upon the number of sites hosted on a particular server plus the server configuration and the net line.

An unproperely configured server will eat up server resources. So Yes the hardware and sofware properely configured will play an important role on server load.

Prgramming logic and design plays very crucial part in speed. If you have large files, the speed will be naturally slow as it will take more tiume to load. (large files may ne images, flash, audio etc.) Also if your programming logic is poor, it will eat more time doing repeated work which is'nt require. ( Unnecessary variables, irerations, open database connections, poor handling of database etc.)

The number of simultaneous connection depends uplon the processor, memory . To increase this you can increase your memory and upgrade your processor( or load balance your servers.)

To learn more about load balancing visit:
http://www.web-hosting-world.com/load_b ... server.php

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