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I'd like to pay for a website for a friend of mine as a birthday present. I was wondering what I should do to get started... (note, she doesn't have a site yet)

Are there two things you need to purchase- a host and a domain?

If so, could someone explain how it works?

I don't understand how you buy your site (domain) and then edit it through your host... how does the host "get" your domain to be used through them?

Plus, I don't know exactly how to purchase a domain and set up your hosting account... and I don't know what host to get... something nice but not fancy, inexpensive

....I'm really confused... :( :? :(
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It is nothing to be confused about. Quite simple really...

A domain is simply like a folder or just a name. In order to have files on that domain you need 'web hosting'. This web hosting just gives you the ability to upload your files on to the 'folder' (domain). Without web hosting you will have no files therefore the domain will show nothing.

When you buy a domain you just have it in your name. For you to have a website you will need web hosting which just simply connects to your domain. This then gives you the ability to work with your website under your domain.

I don't know if i explained it well i am a bit tired. But YES you do need a domain and webhosting for a website.
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Personally I think it's best to register and maintain your own domain completely separate from your hosting.
You might try going to go-daddy ( for the domain registration, and then looking around for some decent hosting; there's a lot of bad ones so caveat emptor.

Cheers, and good luck.
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About selecting a new host...DO NOT get into a long term contract unless you feel totally comfortable with your new host.

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