Godaddy MySQL server problem - Catastrophic failure

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I am having a terrible time with my website and I have no clue what can be the cause. I'd really appreciate the help.
Problem is, my website gets "internal server error - 500" Catastrophic failure occasionally. Upon testing, the HTML is working ok, but the MySQL server is down. After 2 - 4 hours the SQL server is up again with no errors or any problem!
This problem has been increasing and the SQL server would just die for hours and then come back alive. Occurs on any page with SQL command. I have contacted the godaddy "bad" support and they said the following over several E-mails: "we don't offer coding support - it is your code - you have open connections that needs to be closed - ok will change the pool of your hosting - ... "
Nothing happens...
Any ideas? :evil:

5.9.08 Upon further investigations, phpMyadmin is working fine with the database so the MySQL server itself is up. Something is wrong with the ODBC connection that makes the site up and down. Is there a way to investigate this?
10.9.08 The host support told me that there are active "open connections" that need to be closed. I looked again at the code and I found out that dreamweaver closes recordsets objects but not the connection. I added "<% Set ActiveConnection = nothing %> on all pages with recordsets and still getting the error!

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