Help getting Apache to work! =(

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I've been running an apache web server on my home computer for at least 5 years flawlessly. After about a year or so, my ISP decided to block port 80, so I did the normal redirect to have my server use port 8080, and I changed it again to 8000 after I changed domain names.

However, just this week, it seems that somehow all traffic to my server has stopped. I can still access my website through my computer but nobody else can. I figured maybe my ISP started blocking common redirect ports like 88, 8080, 8000, etc, so i changed it to some oddball port like 2218, but still, it cannot be accessed.

I checked my firewall, and nothing was being blocked (I even completely disabled it at one point, but nothing). I even figured somehow they were blocking any access to "APACHE.EXE"... so I renamed it to something stupid like "Soap.exe". but still nothing.

I've completely run out of ideas and my server has been down for 5 days. I'm looking everywhere for some sort of insight as to what might be wrong. The only possibility I can think of is that I've been (finally) doing some Windows Updates lately... I upgraded from Windows XP SP1 to SP2, and installed numerous other updates (I hadn't done any updates in 3 years+). All I can think of is that for some reason apache might not like SP2. But would that explain why I can still access the server through the domain name?!

If anybody has ANY ideas, please let me know. I'm about to bang my head against the wall!


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Oddities abound.

An IP return of your hostname provides:
Which is a I would have to say your IP information; your dynamic DNS is someplace to look first.

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