Hey gurus! I need your help! VPS?

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Hi guys. I need help badly. I need your advice.

I want to host several phpbb forums (ONLY phpbb forums) and I found a managed VPS host with the following specifications:

Starter 200GB VPS
Equal share CPU
256MB Burst RAM
5GB RAID1 Storage
Root Access 2 IP Addresses*
128MB RAM guaranteed
200GB Monthly Transfer
Unlimited domains Hardware: DELL PowerEdge
Dual 3.06Ghz Processors
4-12GB Ram Per server

Included Applications

AWstats 6.4
Apache mod_perl 1.99_12
Fedora Core 1 Development Tools p4
Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager 2.1.5
My Control Panel
MySQL server 3.23.58
Open WebMail 2.50
PHP (Fedora Core 1) 4.3.8
ProFTP server 1.2.10
SSL for Apache 2.0.50
Secure FrontPage Apache Server Extensions
SpamAssassin 2.63
System Administrator Control Panel
UW IMAP and POP3 servers 2002d-3
Workgroup Administrator Control Panel
ZendOptimizer 2.1.0b

Now, they told me that they can upgrade or install whatever applications I want. I do want the best of the best to run my boards (not too busy now). If it were you, what would you ask your host to install/upgrade/ask. Please include version of software....

Please choose the best and tell it to me straight I don't mind. More than one advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Running alot of software on a VPS isn't a good idea. Especially if you're going to be using cPanel as your control panel. Load will end up becoming extremely high and this is not recommended.

Even having spamassasin uses alot of resources when it comes to a VPS. You need to be very careful that the load doesn't get too high. Remember a VPS isn't the same as running a dedicated server so your limited really.
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Hi. Thank you for your response. I was referring to OS, PHP, Mysql, mail server and those required software to run my boards. I see they have a really old version of Fedore core 1. I've seen the PHPBB requirements but then also seen members comments having problems with their phpbb boards with some versions of PHP and mysql. They don't have cpanel.
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