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Hello Friends,

I read one article on Hosting Overseas, and according to that article, there will No matter where we are located, businesses seem to clamor to host our website. After read that article I have few questions in my mind.

What is the actual definition of Hosting Overseas? Why the price is different, Location is important and How they provide good services to customer?

Please help...
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The price is picked by the business so its difference place to place the price may change because of the price of land in wherever the hosting is baced so its more costly to host in New york than hull.

Hosting over seas means hosting in a differenct place to where you live but it does not make any difference to the computer after all it doesnt know where it is!
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Deciding upon a host should have less to do with cost and more to do with a wide array of other considerations, such as bandwidth, target consumers, available feature sets, extensibility and MTBF (mean time between failures).

If your intended audience is in a particular country, then hosting in that country should be preferred do to speed and latency.
The amount of bandwidth you consume should also be a consideration -- lots of places claim unlimited but always read the fine print.
A site is useless to you if your host does not offer the sorts of features you personally find 'required' to accomplish not merely your current goals, but additionally your future growth.
You have to consider uptime, and guaranteed SLA's for availability when purchasing services. This should also include backbone availability, and egress points to mitigate risk.
While you might start small, the needs to expand your footprint should the business grow have to be considered.

All in all, I guess what I am saying is, only you know what is worthwhile and what is not based entirely upon your needs.

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