Hosting Problems with FreeBSD

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Not sure if this is the best place for the topic.

A freind of mine is trying to upgrade his server, mainly for more control pannel options, along with CPU power, this is the details he gave me:

All right here are the details.
The control panel requires it bind to the external ip address.
So I need to set up the freebsd (4.9) server as a router.
I have the wan to server portion operation properly, but I need help on getting the connection through the server and to my router (mr814v2 (netgear))
I basically need step by step instructions.
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I wanted to help, but frankly don't understand what it is you are trying to do.

Your router, it's external to the server? Perhaps routing http/https traffic back to a backend web server that may have a private IP, (a la NAT)? Or is the web server (if it is a web server) sitting on the outside, relying on application layer calls to a back-end node? Or is the FBSD box acting in the capacity of firewall/NATD/DHCP server... providing the back end nodes, via the router, access and here is where a webserver sits? I suppose you might have an external border router, with a route set up to the FBSD box acting in a sort of linear DMZ between the router and the actual web server?

What "control panel" are you referring to? Is this an application layer (read: web "enhanced") object?

If all you need to do is route http traffic through the bsd box, then using natdrules when starting natd will suffice such as
Code: [ Select ]
redirect_port tcp <backend IP for webserver>:80   80

Otherwise, you'll need to explain things a bit more. ;)


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