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Hello everyone,

I have an unlimited bandwidth hosting accounting whose main domain is "A" ( On the server, all files of A are in public_html.

I also have other websites, let's call them B (, C ( and D ( On the hosting server, I created a new folder in pubic_html for each of additional site. So for B, the files are in public_html/B. Through the control panel of my hosting account I used the "Addon Domains" and entered all relevant information so that when typing in the browser it will get the files from public_html/D.

Now I've got a couple of questions:

    1) I want to keep everything clean and organized so I need all my files of (which are currently in public_html) to be in a folder called A (public_html/A). Would you recommend this? By doing so, will this somehow have any effects with search engines? Since the files are no longer in the root directory, maybe the search engines sees it as "less" important.
    2) After doing 1), my root directory (public_html) will only contain folders. Each of them representing a different website with a different domain name (e.g. public_html/C will represent Since my hosting account's main domain is A, will Google see public_html as the contents for and index each folder (thinking that they are a part of Or does it recognize that each folder is a different website thus indexing files for only from folder A in public_html?

Thanks for any help as I'm pretty confused right now.

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In any webserver you can make your default document root any dir you want. If you have it at docroot/A then it's simply a matter of changing your document root to docroot/A. You can also define each virtual host with it's own docroot.

I would probably do that; define each site in it's own docroot including 'A'.

For clarity I would actually make each site have an included config specific to the site in your virtual host stanza.
Code: [ Select ]
Include /dir/dir/config/A.conf
Include /dir/dir/config/B.conf
  1. Include /dir/dir/config/A.conf
  2. Include /dir/dir/config/B.conf

Which would go in your main config, each of which contain a subconfig including a docroot, servername, etc.

The directories at that point don't matter.

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