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I'm looking for a site that explains on how to host. I am very soon going to be hosting and then charging for hosting. I will let everyone know when I'm done.
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first thing is, you have a lot of stiff competition with that, and
that includes ozzu.

second is, what exactly are you looking for? A tutorial on how
to be a web host? Frankly, if you need that, you shouldn't be
hosting. I would spend some time under an established host
and learn what it is they do and how. You'll need to be a good
business person, as well as a good support staff and customer
service. Not to mention, that hosting isn't really all that
profitable of a business with the market so unbelievably

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be negative. But, think
about how your question sounds...I sense no experience there,
and I think you should have some under your belt first.
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Personally there is no way i would do this myself (because of the problems with the hosting marketing being so saturated, as mentioned by unflux), but why don't you get a reseller acount from somewhere. Reseller accounts usually come with all the tools needed to manage a webhost. The host I host my most trafficked site with, has a great reseller program including WHM.
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A high percentage of resellers provide WHM and some type of tutorial and tools to help you get going. Is this the road you are thinking of taking?

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