How to enable/use mod_deflate (to compress the web pages) ac

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Hi guys, i already search in google some tutorials how to install mod_deflate, but after check it on whatsmyip dot org/http_compression/ and gidnetwork dot com/tools/gzip-test.php , its still not compresed yet, still not get the right way

please share your methode, i already using htaccess or Post VirtualHost Include, but still didnt work

here is my phpinfo content, it is already installed/compiled to the php right, but i am still cant use it


Accept-Encoding gzip,deflate

Stream Filter support zlib.inflate, zlib.deflate


mabye simillar like forums.asmallorange dot com/topic/12903-install-mod-deflate/ , but i am still dont know how to do his methode actually, is it httpd.conf in Post VirtualHost Include or where
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What company are you with?

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