How to using one DNS server, but hosting in our company

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Dear all,

I am a newbie system administrator on enterprise class application, but have some year of the experience on management the common using with Windows Server plus some linux server ...

But now, I had face a big big problems in my life, it is my boss want to sell the shopping cart (osCommerce) to his customer or help them make a web site with the shopping cart ... it sound general ...

But, we have own DNS and Mail Server and own domain name, for my case here, I make a example:

Domain name:

The problems is, my boss, he is special person, no moeny, but thinking China is the big market, so make the server, now, he go to, see many shopping cart's domain name is like that "", it is control by the domain, then he ask me, if using our DNS server, using the "" domain name, but help other design the web site (Simply interface) and then give them the shopping cart (osCommerce), but all the web site is not host in our server, is host in our hosting company's server ... then we not need worry the space and bandwidth problems ...

Now, the web host company answered me can provide me their virtual server's IP, so I can make like that "" ---> (Other web hosting company's virtaul server) in our DNS ....

But I have a big problems feeling confuse and don't know how to solve ..., it is the Mail Server, since we need control the domain, and we have the MX on our mail server, but want to the shopping cart customer using mail server is the other hosting company one, not is our one ...

Then how to setting of the DNS to give other hosting company control some mail is go to their mail server, not our?


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