IIS ,Page can't be displayed,on localhost is ok

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i'm aprogramer & i work in abig company . We have a big network(locally). on our computer we use tcp / ip with dns,subnet & gateway (if those info. help in sovling my problem).
i've installed iis 5.1 on my machine(win xp pro)
i create a folder (test) under wwwroot & i put html page.
in IE 6 i write http://localhost/test/myhtml.html
the page is coming even when i use ip address or my computer name.
i've tried to access this page from another pc , The page can't be displayed.

Steps i done to make sure that i make those is ok, i went to another pc &
i done the same steps for installing iis &....etc
i can see the html page locally & from another pc
CAN some Help me please , i've searched many days for my problem in iternet i couldn't find any solution , so i decided to write her
With my best regards
Not: i'm knew in servers .
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To be frank, if you work for a 'big' company, you probably should NOT be randomly installing IIS servers across your WAN. My 'big' company considers such things actionable, which is a nice way of saying "... a person could lose their job."

If it truly is that 'big' a company, I suggest you request such a thing be installed for you by your qualified IT department. They will ask for a reason, you may use "development and test" -- that should get you in the door.

I am hesitant to answer your question for those very reasons. While the answer could be something simplistic, I would not personally relish the concept of decreasing the security at your location via assisting you in this fashion.

In my 'big company', programmers request assets to accomplish their work, they don't go around throwing up IIS boxes.

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Since i'm a developer i'm doing this only for testing & i'll remove it after the technical department put for us a server for our applications . We might be responsible for this server(developing test) later , So i'm preparing my self for this step to handle the server .

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