Laws regarding site access?

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i'm rather angry at the moment with my host, being as they seem to be doing naff all to fix the problem,

As explained in my previous thread access to my site has been intermitant for me and other members on my site.

I was wondering if there are any laws against this? Especially being as i know now for sure the problems are at there end and they seemingly havent done anything to fix it since i reported it to them at the start.

I provide a service on my site which people can use to get psychic readings ect, because of this nonsense i'm essentially being prevented from properly maintinging the site/service and from improoving it making sure that the readings are done legally ect as there are laws in the UK with regards to such services. I do have a moderator on my site to help out with that, however it's them who is also having the same problem accessing my site.

I know my site may not look much at the moment, but the community members are willingly helping the site become the warm, friendly loving place i want it to be. It's not going to look good if i'm not around to keep things in check or to help where it is needed.

I know i should probably move host, but isn't it up to them to fix any problems?

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Electric-Spirit wrote:
I know i should probably move host, but isn't it up to them to fix any problems?

One would think a responsible host would be inclined to fix problems in a timely fashion and not have to ever have a customer ask if there is a legal means to get them to. In truth, I don't know if there is or isn't any laws that would support you.

In the end, it's apparent that you've chosen a lousy host, and you already seem to know that changing hosts, is the smartest decision.

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