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umm hi,

i have found a host site at http://www.skizzers.org

and the person who hosts that site gave me a programe called FileZilla to upload my documents to the site.

Well my problem is that i cant get images there and he said to me that i should read this tutorial on Xhtml and css.

now i have read them both i get the CSS one but and well i no pretty much the xhtml one. Aparrently i need to have a "!Doctype" at the top of my website but i dont understand them.

If u have no idea what ia m talking about just leave this and i will ask someone to jsut remove it.

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The way in which you upload your files to the server has absolutely nothing to do with your DocType.

To ensure your pages are uploading correctly - just remove the DocType line. It won't be compliant, but it will at least work until you can figure out just what you're supposed to do there.

As to using FileZilla - as with any FTP program, be sure you're uploading your images in binary format and (almost) everything else in ASCII. Check under Transfer>Transfer Type on the main menu.

If you see your files in the server window, they're on your server. If they're still not showing up on your pages, I would guess that you have them linked wrong within the pages. Are you trying to call the images as <img src="C:\thefolder\theimage.gif" and so on? If so you need to change those to be at the very least, relative to your domain (<img src="http://domain.com/thefolder/theimage.gif"). Remember, the server's on the internet, it has no way of knowing where your local C drive is.

Once you're ready to start dealing with DocTypes, take a look here: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/doctype/

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