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At the moment , I am looking for a host that can provide 100GB+bandwidth /mth 3GB+ disc space, can support 2003 Frontpage extensions and a forum I intend to add. .....at a reasonable price
I am having troubles finding someone that supports 2003 frontpage extensions.

I have seen a post about unflux and have e-mailed them for info

Any leads or suggestions would be appreciated .

Thank you
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I believe alot of hosts will support frontpage - however, your issue may lie elsewhere.....

Is your requirement of 100 GB of transfer solely for the use of a forum ?

How many simultaneous users are we talking about?

Mosts hosts - who practice safe hosting - would charge a premium for a package where they would actually allow 100 GB of transfer/month before cancelling your account on some fine point in their TOS.

If you're running a database intensive application, expect to pay in the $1/GB range. Anything less then that, and more then likely you will be asked to leave - or worse - have your account suddenly suspended - long before you reach your tansfer limit....

If your board is that big, I would probably recommend looking at a VPS solution, or maybe even dedicated (though, costs may get prohibitive if you need that server managed).

Not sure this helps - but, thought Id pipe in with my $0.02
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Please PM White Knight with your suggestions as this topic is fast becoming a place for people to spam their hosting companies :)

PS: This sort of question has been asked before, please see this post for more info:

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