Moving from Shared to Virtual Dedicated Hosting... HELPPP!!!

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My client decided to change from shared hosting and to go to a virtual dedicated host through

At first I thought it would be a nightmare, but it turns out plesk is already installed... So I set everything up and it's just been a nightmare. So far it's not working and they have to reprovision my server.

The reason i'm having issues is because the website runs off a script. Do you think I have to install a fresh copy of the script or can I just copy the file folders to the new host?

Also, I have the database file but have no clue how to restore them. I typically do this through the control panel but there is no feature for this. I'm familiar w/ phpmyadmin but am not sure how to go about doing this.

If anyone could help i'd appreciate it.

I'd even be willing to pay someone assuming they could get this done quickly.


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My advice is to forget about hosting with goddady. They are ill suited for the sophisticated webmaster and/or those that rely on scripting or the same as a source of revenue. If you haev any doubts about leaving them I suggest you read this thread.
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I've gone through the GoDaddy fun too. Wasn't as big of a deal because I was just evaluating them. And, yes, I agree that if you aren't doing anything intense, GoDaddy is great.

Another winner is JodoHost (I got a reseller account)...I could tell you some scary stories -- such as when I cancelled, the manager canceled for me during our online chat. A week later they emailed saying they were going to sue me (?!?!) because I am not allowed to cancel per their TOS. I was like...uh, no, your manager cancelled for me and here is the chat log... So, after backpedding a bit, they supposedly cancelled me for good...but instead, I got a "payment confirmation" email!?!!? I called my CC company -- good thing too, because they CHARGED MY CARD ANOTHER MONTH! lol ...back to the drawing board. more fun...

And obviously I cancelled for all the pain I had with them earlier...I had that account for a whopping 2 weeks and was never able to get it up and running.

I've never had a problem with my unmanaged dedicated server and I love it. But that's $300/month.

Moral of the story -- you get what you pay for.

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